Re-submit a revised manuscript

Sample Letter for Submitting a Revised Manuscript to a Clinical or Scientific Journal

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Dear Dr. Surname,

Thank you for your letter dated date of editor's letter. We were pleased to know that our manuscript was rated as potentially acceptable for publication in Journal, subject to adequate revision and response to the comments raised by the reviewers.

Based on the instructions provided in your letter, we uploaded the file of the revised manuscript in type of word processor on the journal's website.

As you notice, we have revised the manuscript by modifying the Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion sections, based on the comments made by the reviewers. Accordingly, we have uploaded a copy of the original manuscript marked with all the changes made during the revision process. The new text is underlined while the crossed-out text refers to the deleted original text.

Appended to this letter is our point-by-point response to the comments raised by the reviewers. As you notice, we agreed with all the comments raised by the reviewers. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to the reviewers who identified areas of our manuscript that needed corrections or modification. We would like also to thank you for allowing us to resubmit a revised copy of the manuscript.

I hope that the revised manuscript is accepted for publication in Journal.

Sincerely Yours,


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